Integrating research and education

Integrating research and education in the design curriculum is an effective way to bring closer undergraduate and graduated students to design challenges with scientific support, and this approach can build skills in interdisciplinary team work, system thinking, critical thinking and argumentation. I pursue this focus on courses related to user experience (UX), design thinking, personal informatics, digital research tools, generative design research methodology, and concept product development.

I have contributed to graduate and undergraduate Interactive Media Design, Industrial Design, and User Experience programs. In these courses, I have been engaged in multiple positions: course coordinator, undergraduate final project coordinator, bachelor and master thesis advisor, and instructor.

Following, I featured projects related to my teaching and supervisor involvement. It includes bachelor and master’s graduation final projects.


Experience Sampling tool: identifying opportunities to enhance personal productivity of nursing school students
Community-centred virtual assistant for urban agriculture information management, Cali Colombia
A tool kit for patients to self-manage the treatment of cutaneous Leishmaniasis in low access areas in Colombia
Interactive digital toy: Improving children’s experiences during long-term hospitalization