Improving children’s experiences during long-term hospitalization.

Student’s work:

Students’ work

Vanessa Gómez, David Martínez
Course: Graduation project
Involvement: Chair supervisor
Partner: Valle del Lili Foundation – Cali, Colombia
Period: January 2017 – December 2017.

Key words: children, hospitalization, social support, interactive game.

DOMU is an interactive digital toy to improve the component aspects of clinical staff-child-caregiver interactions during prolonged hospital stay. Long hospitalisation experiences are stressful situations due to the large number of changes in the patient’s life. In this case, children have a reduced capacity to build coping mechanisms that allow them to deal with experiences of this magnitude. This project explored psychological and social support theories to support children’s adaptation mechanisms.

DOMU, conceptual elements: “self”, “belongingness”, “relationship”, “sharing”

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