My focus

My work aims to close the gap between systems’ functionality and users’ empowerment by prioritizing meaningful interactions as users play an active role in contributing, reflecting, and learning from the large amount of data collected by these technological systems.

In order to achieve this, I look for strategies to enhance an understanding of people’s experiences and behaviours in context by integrating qualitative (user-driven) and quantitative (sensed-driven) data analysis. This unfolds richer insights to inform design decisions that elicit more meaningful experiences of users with technology-mediated solutions.

The approach

  • I conduct design research for all the stages of the design process.
  • I empathize with all the actors involved
  • I strive for context-sensitive solutions that consider the complexity of the user’s circumstances.
  • I participate in collaborative work in which stakeholders are part of the design team.
  • I build ties across disciplines.
  • I promote a close integration between research and education.